Yandex 360
Your own space to manage day-to-day tasks — from storing personal memories to writing business emails.
Any time and on any device.
Enjoy more Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Disk features with paid Yandex 360 service plans
+1 TB on Yandex.Disk
Exclusive email address instead of
Unlimited uploads of videos from your phone
No ads in Yandex 360 services
Your memories won't fade away
Remember all the videos you make on vacation. And what about photos of your pets?
Unlimited uploads of photos from your phone with Yandex.Disk. With paid service plans, there's no limit on videos either. You won't run out of storage space on your phone.
An email address that stands out
An exclusive email address tells people about your business. For example: alex@biznes‑ Your email will stand out and be easy to notice.
No unwanted subscriptions
Now you can unsubscribe from all unwanted emails at once. Enable subscription confirmation and only receive the emails you find interesting.
Don't worry about accidentally deleting anything
Back up emails to restore important messages if something happens to them. For example, you can restore accidentally deleted emails within six months instead of one.
You won't lose any files either
Enable auto-save for Windows. Any changes to “Desktop”, “Documents”, “Images”, or any other folder will be automatically uploaded to Yandex.Disk. You won't lose any files if something happens to your computer.
No ads
There are no ads with paid Yandex 360 service plans, so you can focus on important tasks — writing business emails or uploading holiday photos.
Yandex 360 for Business
A virtual workspace for your team: corporate email, calendar, cloud-based file storage, document editor, and communication tools.
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Still have questions?
How can I pay for Yandex 360?
You can purchase a Yandex 360 service plan in the web version from your computer or phone.
How can I deactivate the paid Yandex 360 option?
Go to Yandex 360 Service Plans, click "Cancel subscription", and confirm the action. After this, you can still use your service plan until the end of the paid period. If you signed up for a Yandex 360 service plan in the Yandex Mail or Yandex Disk apps, you can only disable it in the app.
How do I transfer my files to Yandex Disk?
To save all photos and videos from your phone to Yandex Disk, enable autouploads and turn on the "Upload to unlimited storage" option. Learn more in Help. If you want to import files from another cloud storage to Yandex Disk, download them to your computer and upload to the cloud using the Yandex Disk computer application.
How can I move my mailbox and messages to Yandex Mail?
Set up a mail importer from your previous mailbox to Yandex Mail. This way, you can move all your previous messages and forward the new ones. If you have a mailbox at your own domain, you can activate Yandex 360 for Business and delegate the domain to Yandex servers.
How can I manage my files on Yandex Disk?
You can access your files on any platform. You can access Yandex.Disk in the browser from your computer or mobile phone. You can also manage files via the mobile app or the computer application.
Can I store music and movies on Yandex Disk?
Yandex isn't responsible for the files you upload to Yandex Disk, but it may block files if they violate the Yandex Disk Terms of Use or have been reported by another user.
What will happen if I stop paying for Yandex 360?
After the subscription expires, all its paid features will become unavailable. The paid storage space will also become unavailable. Because of this, you may run out of space on Yandex Disk. When there's no more free space on Yandex Disk, the access to it is limited. If you don't fix the situation, your Yandex Disk will be completely blocked after 44 days.
How does the "exclusive email address" option work in Yandex.Mail?
Use an exclusive email address option to get any free address in the .ru domain zone, for example, You can use this email address in addition to your address to log in to Yandex.Mail, send, or receive emails. If you want to set up a mailbox at your own domain, activate Yandex 360 for Business, because you can't enable an exclusive email address in Yandex 360 for Business.
Spam and virus protection. Built-in translator, quick reply feature, and smart filters help you get through your inbox faster.
Secure cloud storage for your files. Unlimited uploads of photos and videos from your phone.
An easy way to schedule meetings and plan your day.
Online document editor that supports all popular formats
Quick notes to keep your ideas, plans and shopping lists.
Communicate in chats and subscribe to channels. All voice messages are automatically converted into text.
Video conferencing with no time limits. All you need is the meeting link.