Yandex 360 corporate email

A secure platform for businesses of any size. Email on a single domain, calendar, mailing lists, and access from any device.

Easy to manage

Works on any device

Simply log using a browser or the Yandex Mail app. No third-party software is required.

Your emails are safe and secure

  • Multiple copies of all data is stored across different data centers in Russia. Backups of data are created automatically every day and stored on servers.

  • The login process is secured via the Yandex ID authorization service, which complies with the AICPA SOC 2 security standard.

  • Our secure filter system intercepts unwanted emails. Yandex Mail filters out both incoming and outgoing messages. Each email is scanned for malware.

Simple migration

Full migration support

Data is transferred from other platforms automatically. Our technical architects will help you get set up.

We're always available

24/7 support and a personal manager for your business.

Easy payments

You can set up automatic payments or top up your account manually.



There are different ways to display inboxes and set up accessible fields. Every employee can choose their own theme and layout.


Company contacts

Your contacts contain the emails of all the employees on the same domain.

Distribution lists

A distribution list is a special email address that is linked to a group of mailboxes. Distribution lists let you easily send messages to a particular department or group of employees, rather than the whole company.

More advantages for Yandex 360 for Business users

Single sign-on

Enable single sign-on for your employees so they can use the same username for your company.

Quick switching between services

All of our corporate services in one window.

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