Yandex Disk for business

Store your company data on Yandex Disk, share documents and images, co-edit texts with colleagues.

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Cloud storage for businesses

Store files in folders

Create folders to keep things organized. Upload files in any format, from documents to videos.

Share files

Smart search

Scan documents

Secure file sharing

Only your employees will see the files

Manage file access based on your company's tasks. Configure links with edit or view-only access.

Share folders

You'll decide who can edit your files and who can only view them.


Work on spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents with your colleagues online.

View the changelog

See your colleagues' edits and restore previous versions.

Control file access

An administrator can use the API to find out which employees shared links to company files with a third party.

Work anywhere

Upload from any device

Use Yandex Disk on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. All your files are synced.

On a plane and in the country

Yandex Disk works offline. Save files and folders to the Offline section and view them when you don't have an internet connection.

Sync files from your computer

Install Yandex Disk on your computer. Files will be automatically saved to the cloud, even when you are offline. All changes will take effect when the connection is back.

Open any file

View files in any format, no special software required. Watch videos online.

Your data is safe

  • Log in to Yandex Disk via Yandex ID This is an authorization service that complies with the ISO 27001 security standard.

  • Enable two-factor authorization and control access to your account.

  • Your personal data is secure: Yandex‑360 complies with the requirements of the Federal Law‑FZ-152 and the Order No. 21 of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia (FSTEK) for Security Level UZ-2.

More advantages for Yandex 360 for Business users

Single sign-on

Enable single sign-on for your employees so that each of them can use one username across the corporate services used in your company.

Quick switching between services

All of our corporate services in one window.

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