Yandex Messenger for businesses

Familiar interface for safe and secure business communication. Faster than email. Safer than third-party messengers.

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Business messenger with familiar features

Chat in threads

Respond to a specific message to keep it in context. Follow the discussion in Threads.




Important messages

All data is kept within your company


Shared contacts synced with Yandex 360 email. All staff members are automatically added to Yandex Messenger.

On-topic conversations

Create group chats for departments, teams, or tasks.

Separate work space

Yandex Messenger keeps your work and personal chats separate.

NDA compliance

Chats are only available within the organization. If an employee leaves the company, they can no longer read the chats. However, the chats are still available for the company.

Your employees' conversations are protected

  • Multiple copies of all data are stored across different data centers in Russia.

  • A secure TLS channel is used for all communications. Calls are encrypted using end-to-end encryption.

  • Yandex Messenger is included in the Russian software registry. Your company's data is safe and secure. We don't share it with third parties.

Simplify your business processes

Yandex Messenger supports all popular platforms

Since Yandex Messenger is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, you can work wherever you are.

More advantages for Yandex 360 for Business users

Single sign-on

Enable single sign-on for your employees so that each of them can use one username across the corporate services used in your company.

Quick switching between services

All of our corporate services in one window.

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