Yandex 360 for Business

Yandex 360 for Business

A virtual workspace for your company with corporate email, calendar, cloud storage, document editor, and communication tools

What is Yandex 360

Everything your team needs for comfortable work

Domain email address

Recognizable email domains with your company name

Yandex Disk

Cloud storage for each employee

Yandex Calendar

A shared meeting and workload scheduler for the entire company

Yandex Messenger

A closed-loop business messaging service

Yandex Documents

An online editor for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets

Yandex Telemost

Video meetings and live streams with no time limits

Yandex Notes

A service for quick notes and to-do lists

Yandex Send

A service to create mail-outs about promotions and company news for your customers

Who can benefit from Yandex 360 for Business

We work with companies of all sizes, offering solutions for small and medium-sized as well as large businesses

What you get

Advantages of choosing us

What you get

Advantages of choosing us

Access from anywhere, on any device

Seamless transition between Yandex 360 services

Integration into third-party products and apps via APIs

A wide range of administration tools

A closed company loop for data security

Who's already on board

More than 100,000 client companies

Getting started

Activate Yandex 360 for Business

Choose and purchase a plan
Use a bank card or legal entity documents
Connect a domain
And add employees to your company for access to services
Transfer data
Easily migrate emails and team files from other platforms
Configure the workspace to your needs
Leverage solutions that can be scaled and tailored to your business goals

How we protect data

Your data is secure

Yandex uses its own data centers

We have our own data centers in Russia, and data is backed up every day

Compliance with regulators

Yandex 360 meets the requirements of Federal Law 152-FZ and Order No. 21 of the FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) of Russia for Security Level 2

Protection against viruses and spam

Built-in antivirus and antispam protect employees' correspondence and data

Yandex 360 is included in the Register of Russian Software

Yandex 360 services and apps are included in the Register of Russian Software

Secure registration

The Yandex ID authentication service complies with the ISO 27001 security standard


A single control panel for administrators:

manage domains and teams, transfer files and emails from other platforms, view audit logs and email archives, and configure message filters

Yandex 360 for Business service plans

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